Charm is deceptive & beauty is fleeting: but the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
Proverbs 31:30

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Date Night is Dynomite!

Ha! Tripp and I had a date night tonight and we had a pretty good time. Alex went to spend the night with his Nana & Big Daddy. We had our favorite meal for dinner..SUSHI!! YUM! So good! Then we went to see a movie. We chose 'I am Legend' with Will Smith. I will honestly say that the movie that according to the stats...did the best in it's opening weekend than any other movie ever..was really just not that good. In all fairness...we don't really watch scary movies and we had NO CLUE going into the theater that it was a scary movie. Kind of a shocker! Don't really care for the zombies...and all that junk. For those people that like that stuff.....then I am sure the movie was awesome. I spent a good 2/3rds of the movie with my jacked over my head. Fun Fun! Besides that...we really enjoyed ourselves. Talked a little politics...did a little hand holding...worked in a little Target time. All in all...good night!
Alex got to ride on his golf cart today. FUNNIEST thing I have seen in forever! I had the recorder out but I am sure it will not be that great to watch...I was laughing so much that the camera was going up and down! He was just tooooo stinking funny! to bed. Going to enjoy a solid night's sleep!

Friday, January 04, 2008

A Brand New Year..

This year has started out relatively ok. As fun as they were.....boy am I glad the holiday season is behind us! Alex had a great Christmas. As he opened each of his birthday gifts for Jesus he said "Thank you so much" in a super high pitched tone. He was so precious. He got so excited over the simplest things. He LOVED his Skippy the Hop Ball and the golf cart that his Nana & Big Daddy got him. The weather has been to ickey for him to ride which kinda makes me sad! Maybe I'll bring it into the house and let him play on it in there. Who knows.

Our New Year's party was a success. We had about 6 couples and their children so there were a good amount of people there. We invited 11 couples and were super sad that some couldn't make it. BUT they missed for good reasons. Maybe the week after Christmas isn't the best time to try to plan a family party. People are still trying to get together with family....or trying to wind down from all the family..whichever applies. :)~ Tripp & Charlie built a HUGE bonfire! That thing was about 16' tall!! They added our Christmas tree on top which looked sooo funny! That thing went up in flames QUICK! Someone drove past the house and saw the bonfire and thought it was a structure on fire so they called the fire department. We heard the sirens for about 5 minutes before they arrived and just started laughing...we knew they were headed to our house! When they pulled in, Tripp & I went to talk to them and they said that someone had reported a structure fire. Then he said it would have been nice if they would have mentioned the 20 people sitting in lawn chairs watching the "structure" burn! Soooo funny! We popped fireworks for the kids, which they didn't enjoy as much as we wanted them to. It was my bright idea to get the really long sparklers so that the kids could enjoy them more. Well apparently we got the ones that NEVER go out!! It took those sparklers about 4 minutes to burn out! Gee's!

We went to Dallas New Year's eve to see Jim & Debbie and spend the next day with them. Alex was kinda puney since Sunday but he started to act like he felt better so we thought it would be no problem to take him. BOY were we wrong!! He was in a good mood all the way to midnight. Then we went to bed and things changed quickly!! He started crying at about 1 and cried nonstop untill about 4:45. The entire house **except for Ross (who has a new baby on the way so maybe those sleep patterns will change?** was awake thanks to the crying. Ugh! We felt soooo bad for Christy (Ross's wife) since she is so pregnant and needs to treasure her sleep. But Alex woke up the next day in a decent mood like it never happened. He stuck to Jim like glue for a good part of the day. All in all the trip was good.

I think I am going to go ahead and curse myself by stating my New Year's resolution out loud. I would like to loose 5lbs by my anniversary (May 26th). That seems like an obtainable goal. Should be able to do it. Gotta pump myself up!!

The big 2nd b-day is coming up!! YEAH!! We are having the kids party at Pump It Up and then the family party at our house later that day. Should be fun to have two parties! I am NOT going all out like I did last year. It will still be cute but I think I am going to focus more on the invitations and cake than the decorations. Yeah right!!!