Charm is deceptive & beauty is fleeting: but the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
Proverbs 31:30

Friday, October 12, 2007

Our life is a Whirlwind!

Again, life is sooo stinking crazy right now! I told Tripp the other day that since we moved, it doesn't seem like we have slowed down to even breathe! Not complaining (so much) though because we have been busy doing things we love to see family, hang out with friends and shop for the new house. We even started some Christmas shopping for Alex. Fun Fun! I have a crick in my neck..yuck..but again...not complaining because I have it for the sweetest reason EVER! Alex sleeps with us ( I know...I said that no child of mine would ever sleep in my bed BUT that was before I had a child and thought I was Mother of the Year! and had no clue what I was talking about:) Well, lately he has wanted to hold me at night. Picture with me if you of his arms is under my neck, we are cheek to cheek and the other arm is across the top of my neck so that he can pat me on the back. I know...stinking precious! I will suffer through a crick in my neck if it means I get some extra snuggly time with my angel! Stinkin love it!!!

I am almost done with my large canvas project...yea! I am so ready to see the finished outcome. I'll wrap it up this weekend and share a pic.

I got to spend some fun time with Erin and her bambino's last night. Had a pretty good time! We considered going to the circus but Erin wasn't quite up for that yet with the twins. Instead we went to McDonalds..which let me just say...that play area is GROSS! That was the first time I have let Alex play in the play area and I am so ok with that being the last! Nasty!! I hate that we missed out on the circus. The Hagens were there so I know we would have had a good time. Maybe next year.

We are taking Alex to his cousin's 4th b-day party tomorrow at Discovery Science Place in Tyler. He should have a good time. I am looking forward to spending some more fun time with him and Tripp. We took Alex to the Pumpkin Patch last week and totally loved watching him out there.

OK...well let the fun weekend begin! Toodles! :)~

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Alex's Cool Talent

Check out what Alex can do with his ear! How cool is that! He loves it! Talk about a personal TALENT! What kind of crazy contests can he enter with this talent? Time for the prize money to start to roll in! HA!


Ok...this week could go down in the record books as a crazy week for sure! It's only Tuesday!! Tripp and Alex were both sick over the weekend...which translates to FUN FUN for me! They both felt pretty good on Friday which was nice because we were able to visit with Tripp's brother Joseph and his girlfriend Charly for a while. We really like them together. She seems really good for him and he seems to repond to her ...which for Joseph, is very nice! We had a picture party..again..on Saturday and apparently...that is when Alex started to feel bad. Usually, he is the BEST little child. Well, he had other plans Saturday. Can't really blame him though...I guess I am not the sweetest thing when I am sick. He was super whiney and clinging. I will be surprised if our Christmas picture turns out! I had the BEST IDEA EVER for a Christmas card...which much to my dismay, may not turn out this year. If it doesn't, I will be sure to post it in my blog so the idea stays alive! BUT....if it does turn out....get ready to laugh cuz it is fun-e!!That reminds me...Funny is Alex's new favorite word. Anytime he hears us laughing, he says Funny Momma! and starts laughing with us! Too cute! Anywho...back to our nutso weekend...After we left the picture party, the whole familia took a crazy long nap, which let me just say...does a body good! Alex woke up in a pretty good mood! Then it was off to Carthage for Marshall's first b-day party. It was sooo cute! Alex was really really good. He handled it pretty well when some of the older kids told him he couldn't bounce in their bouncy house..he handled it better than I did! I told him he could play in it and that they could not tell him what to do. Another little boy kept hitting him...which again, he handled better than I did. Marshall is soo stinking cute! I love to watch him walk around! Alex's other cousins were there too...but you know what...I didn't get a picture of all of them together! Nimwhit forgot her camera! Urgh!! Alex spent the night with his Nana & Big Daddy so that I could paint. I was SUPER productive! I got a good bit of my canvas done. Yea for me! See attached picture for what it looks like so far. Saturday night was when Tripp got real sick. He was so blah. Poor baby! I was busy painting so he got loads of good sleep. I slept on the couch...I don't want those germies! When Alex came home on Sunday, he was sick still. From 6 to 11, he had 9 dirty diapers! Yuck-o! He had several more as the day went on. We were big time sad because we had to miss Karleigh's birthday party. I am sure that they didn't want our germies either! He still has the bad diapers but his temperment has seemed to come back to normal. Back to his sweet self. On a side note, my heart goes out to Britney Spears. I know that she did it to herself, but I still feel for a mother who doesn't get to be around her babies. In the same token, my heart goes out to fathers who do not get to be around their babies either. Lose lose situation I guess.

I get to go see my doctor Thursday. Very excited!!! I have been having some issues ever since I had Alex and I am excited about the possiblity of having them all dealt with! Yea for me!

Still have our Dallas trip this weekend. Only now, we have slightly different agenda. Tripp's dad was in the hospital this past weekend with bleeding ulcers. OUCH! He is out now so hopefully we will get to spend some time with Papa DooDoo and Nana D. Kinda funny, but we feel like they call and care about us more now that they are in Dallas. When they were here in Longview, it felt like we hardly ever heard from them. Now they call several times a week. Kinda funny. Guess you never know what you have untill it's gone. Ok...that's gonna do it for this blog. Toodles!