Charm is deceptive & beauty is fleeting: but the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
Proverbs 31:30

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's hot!

Like you didn't already know that! Ha!

I have been struggling in this heat...big time! It has zapped my energy completely, there is no mas. It has been incredibly hard to explain this to Alex but I think he is starting to get used to the idea that Mommy is just not going to go outside for a while.

I have to share a funny story. Slightly uncouth but funny all the same.

Last night we let Alex sleep with us. (who am I kidding, the kid sleeps with us every night, lol!) He 'accidentally' passed a wee bit of gas. When I asked him if he needed to excuse himself, this is what he said:

"Mom, you may not know this but when girls are pregnant, it makes them hot and stinky. Maybe you need to excuse yourself."

Tripp and I laughed hysterically! He said it with that mischievous grin on his face knowing that he was about to say something funny. Such a character!

Gross topic but I want to record my babe's funny personality.

Hope everyone is having a good day! Oh yeah, did you know it was hot outside! UGH!!! :)

Sunday, June 05, 2011


I'm feeling pretty bleh these days.

While I am incredibly thrilled to be pregnant, this first trimester is kicking my tail! Kicking it! It is a struggle to drink water, eat food, go outside, you name it, I'm struggling with it. No bueno. I can tell that it is starting to lighten up slightly so that is the positive side to this depressing post.

I don't think the heat is helping much either. We took Alex to the movies, Fresh & the Zoo yesterday and I think I could have overdone it since it was so warm out as I am completely wiped out today. It will be nice to have some energy back in my next trimester, that's for sure.

Alex loves Fresh. I took him back in the early spring and he has been asking to go back over and over again. It was Tripp's first time to go and he was very impressed. Alex had a great time pushing & adding things to his cart. It was pretty cute!

Then on to the zoo. Tripp didn't get to go with us, sadly. It was a members only event and Tripp is not on our membership. We decided early on to share a membership with my mom since Tripp's availability would not allow him to go as often as hers would. That mentality backfired on us yesterday as it would have been really nice if Tripp could have gone with us. All of the animals were so active last night! It was amazing! They were all playing and goofing off, very cool to see!

Yesterday was fun but honestly, Alex had quite the attitude for a good bit of the day. Very frustrating! Tripp and I felt like we went out of our way to do some really fun things for him but he was just stuck on being cranky and full of complaints. We did have our highlights of the day though so again, there is the positive side of the negative, lol. There were several times of sweetness between Alex and I that overshadowed his cranky attitude. That all went south though when a bee flew into his snocone. It all went straight to heck after that. Boo...

After the meltdown, we decided quickly to head straight for home. Do not pass go. Straight home! Alex went straight to bed and Tripp and I watched a movie. A horrible movie by the way! We do not recommend Black Swan. Way too strange for us...but to each their own.

Ok, that wraps up my thoughts for the moment. I am about to take a much anticipated nap with the squirt. He is not going to be happy about joy should be enough for the two of us, hahhahahah!