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Proverbs 31:30

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Being Sick is the PITS!

First blog...yea!!

So, had what started out to be a pretty great night last night. We all cuddled up together on the chaise and watched our favorite family channel...Animal Planet! Alex kinda seemed to be acting weird but we just dismissed it as being sleepy. Well, he fell asleep at about 9 so we put him in his own bed..shock shock..I know.. and all seemed to be fine. Tripp and I got to spend some good time together...talking!...which was nice. Things have been so hectic since the move and it just doesn't seem like we have talked in forever! Anyway, Tripp & I went to bed and right as we were dozing off, Alex started to cry. Tripp went to get him because he started crying harder. Next thing you know...Alex is yacking everywhere! Bless his little heart! He has not been that sick ever! Well there was the time when he was little (er) and he was sick...but he was still on formula so that wasn't as bad as when they start solids. YUCK! We cleaned him up and put him in bed with us when guess what.....he got sick again! Not really sure was wrong with our little man! He woke up this morning in the BEST MOOD EVER! Maybe it was just a bug and it's gone now! That is what we are praying for.

Alex will be 20 months old next Wednesday. Time really does go by that fast! Tripp and I talked last night so much about Alex and about how proud we are to be his parents. I still worry sometimes that I am too hard on him but I just want him to be happy. I tell myself that I balance out my strictness with my humor. I LOVE to goof off with him and play around but at the same time...I don't want him to set himself back by being selfish...those that know me know that I am having a hard time with "selfishness" right now...and only thinking of himself. I want him to be empathic and to care about others. But as I often learn the hard way, I don't want him to get run over by those that are supposed to care about him since he cares about them. Can't have history repeating itself now can I? they always say...parenting is tough. There is a fine line between allowing your child to have a mind of their own and being too controlling. Between protecting them from being hurt and allowing them to protect themselves. Guess I'll come close to figuring it out one least come close? We'll see.

Anywho...that'll do it for this first blog. Toodles!


Bettie Creech said...

Enjoyed the BLOG.
Keep up the good work.


Bettie Creech said...

You are both such good parents. You are doing a good job...and most important you are putting God 1st in your marriage and in your lives.
God bless you all!

Love & Prayers,