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Proverbs 31:30

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Collection of Thoughts & Happenings...

Wow, have the last few weeks been super crazy or what! So much has been going on that it is hard to know where to start...

The girls & I got to enjoy our 1st Annual Girls Trip. It was Erin, Trina, Nikki and I for the weekend in Dallas. We had a really good time and had lots of laughs. We learned, or should I say relearned, a lot of valuable information about prego women.(Nikki & Trina)
#1) Feed them the instant their eyes pop open in the morning.

#2) Feed them at the 1st sign of irritability.

#3) Keep some type of food item on your person at all times. Keep it handy so that at a moments notice it can be pulled out, opened and inserted into hungry prego mouth and shipped straight down to awaiting baby bird ASAP.

DO NOT HESITATE! To do so only guarantees a hungry and tired pregnant mommy who wants nothing more than to eat and sleep.

I kid, the girls did great but I did feel bad for them for waiting so long between meals. I know how hard that is. All in all, the weekend was a wonderful time of girl talk, goofy games, makeup & hair and practical jokes. I can't wait for next years trip! Hopefully I will be the pregnant one then!!


While I was away, Alex was sick. Talk about mothers guilt! I have been laying in on thick too, let me tell ya. I found out that he had a fever once I arrived in Dallas. He basically ran a fever the entire weekend. Tripp did wonderful with him. I truely think they enjoyed the time together one on one with out me. I just hate that Alex was sick and that they were not able to do anything. Boo!

We took Alex to the dr. Monday afternoon. We requested a full blood & urine workup to pin point the problem. Six vials of blood later [insert nightmarish time here] Alex was pretty pitiful. I think I promised him the moon during that ordeal! AND I WILL DELIVER! Poor baby! Our tears mixed and you couldn't tell who's tears were who's. Come to find out Alex has and has had Mono. Not the end of the world by no means, but enough to tick a mommy off. This whole year, we have been saying that something was wrong. That it wasn't normal for a baby to run such a high fever this often and it just be a viral infection. There had to be something else. Each time, it felt like our concerns were kind of ignored. I feel like we had to insist on more testing. Is that how it is supposed to be with your childs' doctor? Maybe I am confused. I am not saying that he gets 100% total crappy care. Personally, I love his doctor and his nurses. Personality wise, we all click. I just don't get why this diagnosis could not have been discovered sooner. Sure, you treat Mono in the same manner as you treat a viral infection by maintaining the symptoms but from all that I have read about Mono, changes to the childs schedule need to be made. He is a carrier for this disease now. I just think that an earlier diagnosis would have made a big difference in his health. Whew, that was a soap box!

Tripp's sister, Ami, is getting married this weekend. Alex and I are supposed to be in it. I am not sure of what to do now that he is sickly. Is all of the activity going to be too much for him? The dr. says it is fine to continue normal activity but to just make sure he gets plenty of rest. Lots to think about....

Ok, guess that is all of the rambling I have at the moment to document. Happy week!!


The Smiths said...

Glad you had a great girls' weekend.
Sorry about Alex getting sick..but at least you have answers now...that is better than not knowing what is going on.
I will be thinking of you and Alex.