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Proverbs 31:30

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bleach Tee Tutorial

I made this shirt for Alex using a freezer paper stencil (which I must admit that I am addicted to...) and bleach. The bleach made a super cool hazy effect that looks awesome. In this photo, it looks pinker than it actually is. It is more of a maroon color in person. So simple, so easy & so cute!

Materials Needed:
Plain black tee (washed and dried with no fabric softener)
Freezer Paper (found at Wal-Mart by foil & Ziploc bags)
Clip art image of your choice
Xacto Knife
Spray bottle with 50% Bleach & 50% Water solution
Piece of cardboard
Large towel or drop cloth

1) Iron shirt flat
2) Trace clipart image onto the paper side of freezer paper (waxy side down)
3) Using xacto knife, carefully cut design out
4) Place piece of cardboard between your tee layers to prevent sticking
5) Situate your design where you want it on the shirt. Iron on med setting until it is completely adhered all around
6) Leave the cardboard between your layers. Be sure the drop cloth is under the tee and that any areas that you do not want the hazy effect to appear are covered with your towel.
7) Lightly mist spray your bleach solution over the stencil, spraying heavier around the focal part of your stencil. Wait a few minutes for the bleach to start lifting the color of your tee. I used a blow dryer to help it dry because I am not very patient. J Apply more spray if you want it to be lighter.
8) Allow shirt to air dry. Once dry completely, rinse the shirt thoroughly. I recommend washing it separately for the first time turned inside out.

This project takes no time at all and gives instant results! My kind of project!


Mzzterry said...

i love this. love the bird on the wire, love the effect. nice shirt!!