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Proverbs 31:30

Friday, February 05, 2010

Well Checks & Growth Curves

Alex had his 4 year well check yesterday with Dr. Hudson. He had to get 3 different shots, poor baby, but  did really well despite the owies.

Our boy weighs in at a whopping 33.4 lbs which puts him in the 20% for his weight. He is 34” tall and falls in the 45% for height. Skinny! He totally gets that from his daddy! Lol!

Alex also had to have his hearing & vision tested. He passed with flying colors!

Alex said that his favorite part of the doctors visit was when Dr. Hudson found tatertots in his ears and when he beat on him with a hammer. (checking reflexes…he wasn’t literally hammering him!)

Dr. Hudson said that everything looks good with Alex and that he is growing as he should be. He is still within normal for his personal growth curve so

WHOOOOO HOOO! Like we didn’t already know he was perfect! Ha!


The Smiths said...

It's neat to hear about well check ups. Dakota did good with his, too.

The eye test...he had everyone cracking up! He would tell them what the picture was..and then they would ask again but with a smaller picture..and he would say, "I already told you what that one is." and then roll his eyes in exasperation. He's so

Cute pics.

The Griffin Family said...

So funny! You are right...they are dramatic litte buggers! Gotta love it!