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Proverbs 31:30

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Allergies get TWO THUMBS DOWN!

Ok, so not that anyone out there actually likes allergies or anything, but here at the Griffin house.....we reeeeeaaaaaaallly don't like them! My poor baby is struggling to put it mildly. I feel so bad for him because it is incredibly obvious that he is miserable. Yet he manages to be so sweet in spite of it. Alex has always had allergies but this year is by far the worst. I am attributing it to his trampoline of all things. He just got it for his birthday and loves it. Like every thing else in East Texas, it is covered in pollen just about every day. We usually let him bounce on it later in the evening and I'm guessing it is what has triggered this 'Allergy Attack' if you will.

Here is a pic of him from yesterday about an hour before his eyes were completely swollen shut. You can barely see the rashes starting to appear beside his mouth and nose. I had some eye drops called in yesterday that seem to have helped a bit but this is still the outcome after 3 doses of Benedryl.

And here is a shot from this morning. After what has to have been the WORST night of sleep ever, he still woke up smiling. His lips are starting to crack from being so swollen. Poor thing!

He has a doctor's appointment this afternoon with his pediatrician so hopefully he will be on the mend soon. I am currently listening to him try to breath through his nose. I laid him down for a nap at 1:25 and he still hasn't been able to fall asleep (1.5 hours later). Prayerfully, his appt will go good, he will get some relief, and we will ALL get to sleep good tonight. Though this sounds like a lot of complaining, we are super excited for spring time!

Allergies just get two thumbs down! Actually...that would be 6 thumbs down for the Griffin fam...or 10 if you include Nosmo's...hehe!



mzzterry said...

Praying for your little guy.

We all have the same awful affliction. Rachel is almost as bad as poor Alex, I think this must just be a record pollen year.

My allergist might just get to build a new wing on his home!! No kidding ;)

I hope they gave him some cortisone or something to give him some relief.......he looks like a trooper though!!

The Griffin Family said...

Ugh!!! It is sooooo horrible this year! I read the list of med's that Rachel has to endure and felt so awful for her!

Dr. Hudson put Alex on a steroid, which is his first time on them. I am not 100% sure what to think about them yet. I always here about how miserable steroids make kids so I am a little nervous.;/ He also gave him some new eye drops and a nose spray. Surely all of that should be enough to kick some pollen tail! lol!

Which allergist do you use?