Charm is deceptive & beauty is fleeting: but the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
Proverbs 31:30

Thursday, March 03, 2011


Because every post needs a is a random pic of Big Daddy tasting Alex's butternut squash at Christmas. SO sweet!

Amazing that in all of my "free time" I have neglected to blog.

Amazing that my little man is now 5 years old.

Amazing that I am quickly approaching my 10 year anniversary with my awesome hubby.

Amazing that I finally feel like I am getting my focus back.

Amazing that I have never felt more alone & still be ok with it like I feel now.

Amazing that I feel like my relationship with God is getting stronger and stronger.

Amazing that I am allowed breath each day and able to be amazed.

Alex is getting so big and saying the funnies stuff lately.

For example, he was singing this song the other day in the backseat of the car, "For he makes really good jello, for he makes really good jello, for he makes really good jello, which nobody can deny!"

He randomly sang out the following while playing with his daddy tonight: "We are Farmers, dum da dum da dum dum dum!"

For Valentines he got me diamonds from Walmart because they are a girls best friend. They cost him $5 dollars and he quickly told me that he could have gotten a footlong but decided to get me a best friend instead..haha!

He is obsessed with the zoo and all things museum related. The Legend of the Guardians and MegaMind are his two favorite shows right now and he quotes them frequently.

Tripp and I are taking a money class by Dave Ramsey at church. BIGGEST BLESSING EVER! We love it and I have really gotten on board..which makes Tripp one happy man! We are also participating in a bible study with some other young couples at church. AMAZING! We are learning so much and finally realizing why we believe what we believe. It's so awesome to have our ideals and thoughts actually line up with the principles God wants us to follow. Awesome!

Ok, let me think of what other randomness I can throw in here since the odds of me posting again soon are rather slim... :)

I'm working less...dislike...painting, getting to spend a ton of time with Alex....AWESOME...and really getting to focus on my family. I am one blessed lady!



The Smiths said...

Love the picture!! And Alex sounds like a little comedian. Isn't the age 5 wonderful?! It old enough to "do it by yourself because you are 5 now" but still young enough to "cuddle with Mommy and watch a movie".

The Griffin Family said...

I am loving this age! He can go from being so independent to loving all over me just like that. It is awesome! I have really enjoyed going to class with Marge on Wednesday nights! She cracks me up! :)

Andrea said...

I wish you would blog more!

The Griffin Family said...

Me too! I kick myself all the time for neglecting my blog. :(