Charm is deceptive & beauty is fleeting: but the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
Proverbs 31:30

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Miss Ellason Claire

I am so in love with my baby girl already that it is just about indescribable.

We got to see her sweet face again this past weekend and she officially confirmed that

She is still a She.

No doubt about it.

Thank you Jesus!

The sono tech (incredibly sweet lady, I highly recommend Sono-Care in Tyler) said that it was amazing how much her bone and facial structure looked so much like Alex's. He thinks it is pretty cool that she looks like him. Awe!

After the sono, we headed over to a bow shop that I have been wanting to shop at for a long time and got her a few goodies. Those suckers are expensive! Good thing I can learn how to make them myself. :)

I am 17 weeks today. My nausea has just about dissapeared. I am still taking the zophran as a precautionary but I don't think that will be necessary much longer. My appetite is BACK! Like, crazy back! I lost 15 pounds during my first trimester so now I need to get myself under control for a while. (that way I can enjoy pigging out later, lol!)

I am really starting to enjoy this pregnancy. I have been happy about it all along, even while being so sick, but it is nice to be to this point.

Ellason has been practicing her ninja skills a lot lately. I am so excited for Tripp & Alex to get to feel her move. That should happen before too much longer I guess.

I am incredibly blessed! Incredibly!



vanillafrog said...

There is a bow shop in downtown Gladewater. It's called the Ribbon Bow-tique. I have no reason to go there, but I hear they have really cute stuff!

The Smiths said...

So glad the morning sickness is tapering off!! Love the name!!
Oh, you know Liz Londeau? She makes bows. I don't know how much she charges, though.

The Griffin Family said...

Thanks, ladies! I have been to the bow shop in Gladewater a few times to buy gifts for others...pretty excited to get to go there for my own girlie now! I pointed it out to Tripp the other day to make sure he knew where it was so that he could pickup/drop off for me it needed, lol!
I didn't know Liz made bows, though it doesn't surprise me, she is pretty crafty!

The Griffin Family said...

I LOVE to say her name! I look for any opportunity to say it, lol! Alex called her Ella the other day and my heart literally skipped! I plan on having her called Ellason!!!!