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Proverbs 31:30

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Finally, a blog post, lol!
Finally, our baby girl made her much anticipated arrival.

Ellasyn Claire
Dec 21st @ 12:42 pm
weighing 6.13 & 20.5" in length

To say that we are completely in love is a total understatement! She is wonderful & such a blessing to our family.
We are so incredibly blessed!

This is where I will ramble & record some details I don't want to forget;
6:00 am: checked into the hospital at .1
7:30 am: water broken & pitocin started at a 2
8:30 am: epidural administered at a 3
8:45-11:00 pm: nap on and off, measured at a 4
12:00 pm: woke up to extreme pressure. Nurse Robin checked my dilation & I went from a 4 to a 10 in an hour. She begins to prep the bed & room and calls Dr. Yancey.
12:15 pm: Robin has me do a practice push. As I am pushing, she has Tripp take a "look" as the baby is crowning. She asks me to stop pushing so that Dr. Yancey can get there.
12:25: Dr. Yancey arrives and we start pushing. Tripp counts for me, a little too fast at first, lol.
12:42: After six rounds of pushing, Ellasyn was born. One. Of. Our. Greatest. Moments. Ever!!

Tripp & I were the only ones in the room as she was born. My friend Tami was there in the beginning and afterward & captured some amazing pictures for me. My brother Jay, his wife Amy & there two children brought Alex to the hospital and were in the waiting room as the baby was being born. My mom made it right after she was born.


The Smiths said...

sounds like a rather smooth delivery. Glad all went well...and she is such a cutie!