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Proverbs 31:30

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Disney (World) on Ice!

OOOO the fun we had a Disney on Ice! Alex calls it Disney World on Ice...cute little thing!
It was our first trip to the CenturyTell center in Bossier City. It was
Alex was beyond good! He was so excited to be there. We let him wear his Buzz Lightyear costume and boy, was he cute! Look at how his beautiful blue eyes were just a shining! We could barely get a family picture because Alex didn't want to look away from the ice. I should have known that!
Tripp, so funny! I was a little worried about Tripp because, well let's face it: Disney on Ice is not really his thing. He went for Alex and that was very much appreciated. By his own account, he said that he really had a good time and was impressed by the show. Kudo's for Tripp!

We ended up with a Dash/Buzz Lightyear crossover Super Hero when all was said and done!

Such a great family time! Alex is still talking about it and asking when we can go again. I would love to take him anytime we could! We went to the Boardwalk after and had lunch at Joe's Crabshack. Alex loves coconut shrimp so he was in heaven.
Alex spent the night with his Nana & Big Daddy and his favorite cousin Marshall. They got the boys Super Hero capes with their initials on them.
Pictures of that to come!


The Smiths said...

The picture of Tripp is priceless!! I'm glad y'all had a great time. We went to Disney on Ice in Dallas back in March and the kids loved it...Lily kept pointing and grunting.