Charm is deceptive & beauty is fleeting: but the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
Proverbs 31:30

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photography via Alex

As mentioned before, Alex has a love of photography. He loves to use our camera and just walk around the house with it to see what he can see. It is very interesting to me what he takes pictures of. I have meaning to create a post showing some of his previous shots before, but sadly, forgot, so here goes...
Alex's best friend, Nosmo King Griffin. O-the ways the boys terrorize each other! Gotta love it Not quite sure why he took a picture of the underneath the table (be sure not to zoom will find super scary dust bunnies....don't say I didn't warn you!) but still think it is cool!

And of course, leave it to Alex the Cowboy to get "The Shot" of his cowboy boot. I won't mention that he has on his boots with shorts, ahem. I tried to tell him that real cowboys don't wear the boots with shorts, but he quickly corrected me.

Again, no clue as to the purpose of the photo...just interesting..

I guess he had to have a picture of his basketballs. Go figure! He is all boy!

Alex, I pray that your love and zeal for life continues to grow! I adore your passion for photography and admire your skill! Thank you Jesus for this precious boy!!


The Smiths said...

Alex is just like Dakota when he takes pictures. That is too funny. Dakota takes pictures of the cartoons on tv of Lily's blanket and more...He is getting better though..some of the pics of me, he has taken.
Boots and Shorts...Dakota is a fan of this as well. He loves to wear camo shorts with his cowboy boots..and I think Alex and Dakota have the same boots...they are too alike in many ways.
Good luck on the photographer, Alex. and I love this post, may have inspired me to do a picture post.