Charm is deceptive & beauty is fleeting: but the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
Proverbs 31:30

Friday, April 03, 2009

FBCLC Family Campout 09

OH My! Did we have a great time at Family Campout this year or what! Though it rained basically the entire time we were there and was SUPER FRIGID, we still managed to make some great memories!

The kids (Alex, Karleigh, Trystan & Kaleb) had such a wonderful time together. The big kids were soooo sweet to Alex and you could tell he loved it!

Alex took it upon himself to play in everysinglemudpuddleintheentirestateofoklahoma and by the looks of his clothes each day, you could tell he enjoyed himself completely! He had to "fish" in every stream or puddle he came across.

Tripp was way better than me at the crossing the moving body of water thing. I think Alex knew this deep down, because he never asked me to carry him across one time. Hmmmm..

Aghhhh, the best $1.00 ever spent! BIG THANKS to the Kulak family for sharing these wonderful balloons with us! They provided hours upon hours of entertainment for the kiddos! I was super lightheaded when it was all said and done, but they loved it and that's all that matters!

Each night at Campout, we gathered as a church body to praise God. What a wonderful time! Though it was a little hard on Alex and the whole 'you have to be quite' thing, he almost, sorta, kinda came around. Well, almost. :) He loved to sing the praise songs and was so sweet doing so.

Worship time was super special because Chad taught on a subject that we all need to learn about...Love One Another. He raised so many intersting concepts and thoughts. I am so grateful to have such strong mentors to look up to! It was such a wonderful time to meet and socialize with members of our church on a more intimate level that I would normally not have the chance to do. There is just something about standing shoulder to shoulder while putting on makeup or fixing your hair with a sister in Christ that is just flat out cool!

I pray that everyone had as much fun as we did! Our "Bunk Mates" were awesome! The Hagen & Dobbs family contributed the creation of some super funny memories, sound effects and jokes that will have a long time running! Thanks for that!