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Proverbs 31:30

Friday, April 03, 2009

Fun times Fishing! Alex's First Official Fish!!

Hope no one is starving b/c this little guy is not going to go very far!!Let me just say that I may have lost both of my two favorite people to the sport of fishing! Tripp has always loved to fish and it looks like the passion for it follows the blood line! Alex can't get enough! He asks every single night if he can go fishing! He is very good at it so no wonder he wants to go so often!
On his first fish outing, Alex caught 5 fish. Four were Brem (?) and one bass, which was caught in the photo's below. If only I could figure out how to upload video! His commentary was priceless!!
Here they are headed to the honey hole...
Alex casts out and sets his fish. At this point, he is saying a garbled mixture of the following,
"Oh no, he's trying to pull me in the water, he's a fighter, I'm gonna get him out that water! I gotta fight him out!"

Almost out of the water...


Congratulations on your first fish, Baby. Daddy and I are so proud of you! I know that your daddy is looking forward to the millions of times that you two will enjoy in Fish-land!
Now tell me, is your daddy putting you up to asking for a boat everyday? Come on, You can tell me!


The Smiths said...

What a great catch!! Dakota likes fishing, too..but he gets bored pretty fast.

I hope you can get the video loaded is just like loading pics to your least that is the way that I load videos on our blog. It takes forever, though.

Love all the new pics of Alex..he is growing up so fast!